Alexandria, VA

Bus Brand: New Flyer


  • Insight seat: upholstered vinyl, plush padding (1.25" cushion)

“DASH has used the American Seating Insight seat on all new buses since 2012, now totaling over 65% of the fleet. Customers, maintenance staff, and peers have all provided endless positive feedback on the seats, particularly with our latest configuration of the Insight model. The seats have proven themselves to be durable, stylish, and comfortable over the years while maintaining an up to date look on our bus interiors to this date. Our latest configuration with the vinyl inserts have brought the quality of our interior up another notch; introducing a high grade, luxurious feel while improving on sanitary cleanliness to the material and ease of maintenance. The customer support has been phenomenal, we are very pleased with American Seating and the Insight product.”

- Raymond Mui (Assistant General Manager)