The History of American Seating

We reflect on our rich history to show a track record of success, and to learn from our experience and continue to deliver the quality expected from every American Seating product or solution.

American Seating was originally founded as Grand Rapids School Furniture in 1886. Our first product set our history of innovation in motion: the combined student desk and chair unit. When introduced, it was the first of its kind, and the design revolutionized classroom seating. This was the first in an ever-growing list of breakthroughs. The success of that initial product launch helped us expand over the years into other major markets, including Education, Entertainment, Sports, Transportation and Office.

Founded as Grand Rapids School Furniture. First combined student desk and chair unit.

1906 - The name is changed to its present day - American Seating Company.

American Seating enters the transportation industry with manufacturing for city buses.

The seat Rosa Parks refused to give up was the American Seating City Service Bus seat 1221, introduced in 1931.

 On December 1st, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama,  Ms. Parks’ action became an important symbol of the modern civil rights movement.

The company develops the transportation industry’s first cantilevered bus seat.

The company introduces the Advanced Restraint Module for mobility aid securement in the transportation market.

Comprehensive research leads to the development of InSight.

The next generation in stainless seating

The company introduces the INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ to the transportation market.

American Seating celebrates 85 years serving the transportation industry.