Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find detailed specifications of your electrical system products?

Not available at this point in time, but coming soon on the Information Network.

Is an electrician required to install American Seating’s prewired electrical systems for Focus™, Rely, and Alert tables?

For the most part no, they are quick connect, plug-in systems typically installed by a furniture installation crew, except for hard wire power in-feeds where a licensed electrician provides final connections to electrical boxes. All power is provided by an electrician for the Spirit, Stellar® and Dimension® and Rally raceway system.

What fixed seating has the tightest chair envelope?

Dimension and Rally have an 8” chair (only) envelope, 12” with arms and 16.5” with a tablet arm. Both articulating back products have a much tighter chair envelope than our tightest envelope fixed back chair, Core™, at 15.5” (includes arms) with a 13º back pitch. For estimating row spacing with any fixed seating products, please refer to the building code compliance bulletin on the information Network.

Are systems colors the same as fixed seating colors?

Yes. If the colors have the same name they are the same color, but Acton® and Focus product paints have textured finishes verses smooth systems finishes.

What are your seat load capacities for fixed seating products?

All fixed seating products are tested to a 600 lb. static seat load, however the functional chair load rating is 350 lbs.

Can you provide chain of custody documentation for FSC wood products?

Yes, request per project from your project manager or customer service representative once the product is shipped.

Do you have Buy American Act (Made in USA) certification letters for your products?

Absolutely. Ask your local salesperson for specific information.

Can you provide data wiring and jacks along-side the electrical system for Focus tables?

No data jacks are available from our standard offering, typically we provide a face plate kit as all data installation is done on-site by integrated technology contractors. We do offer a different system for Spirit, Stellar and Dimension and Rally where face plates and data jacks are provided as described in the price book.

What solution do you have for an extra wide auditorium chair?

Our standard solution for Core, Spirit, Stellar and Majestic at this time is to modify the back wings to increase the chair spacing. We also offer a 27" seat and back option.

What is the ADA/wheelchair clearance for Focus tables?

ADA guidelines require a 27” high minimum clearance under the table. We provide proper planned locations with a 28” high clearance. A lift kit is also available for 30, 31 and 32” H. under table clearance options.

Does the Spirit chair allow for a power/data raceway with sloped floors?

The shape of the Spirit seat in combination with the space that is available under the seat in a sloped floor application leaves less than adequate space to accommodate a raceway.

What is the foam density of your fixed seat cushions?

Spirit and Stellar are 3.0 lbs./cu.ft.

Can you do an aisle light for outdoor sports seating?

Yes, contact special pricing administration.

How many plys are in the plywood for the tablet arms?

Nine for standard and five for FSC/NAUF

Are the aisle end armrests plastic on a Stellar chair with a tablet arm?

No, they are much wider than middle armrests, made of solid wood and finished to match the other armrests of the project.