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Rely® Tables


A complete system you can Rely on. There’s no need for constraint, Rely provides the flexibility to create the learning environment needed for the task at hand.

Student presentations that require everyone facing the same direction? No problem. Small groupings for students to collaborate? Check. Traditional seating arrangements for test taking? You bet.

Features and Benefits

Where does learning take place? How does learning happen? What are the best methods for instruction? Educators have always grappled with these questions. But today they are more difficult to answer than ever before.

Learning is no longer confined to a single physical space, a textbook and an instructor. The power of the internet and personal technology means discovery can happen anywhere, at any time. Simultaneously, learning requires human interaction to validate, challenge, internalize or disseminate.

Today’s active learning environment needs to be highly flexible and adaptable. It must accommodate virtually anything and everything: instructor or student-led lecture, individual tasking, presentation, large group discussion or peer-to-peer collaboration.

Rely meets this need with a turnkey solution and a timeless design. Rely is a coordinating system of highly mobile, durable and easily configurable tables, white boards and lecterns.

It's a new system you can rely on... to configure, rearrange and integrate.