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American Seating’s 406-P is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor stadiums across the country. Combining the classic 406 back with the newer padded Spirit seat is a unique solution for many faciliites today. It has all the features you’d expect from the 406 Series that have set the standard in arena and stadium seating. 

Features and Benefits

A durable cast iron frame is standard for both floor and riser mount conditions, with integral arm rests and space for row identification plates. Ultraviolet inhibitors prevent cracking and high quality pigment resists color fade. Self-rise hinge design is open, allowing water and other liquids to pass through, thereby preventing rust and corrosion of metal parts. Seats rise to 3/4 fold position to allow maximum row clearance for easy access and egress, as well as hands-free sitting. The 406-P has an upholstered weather-resistant copolymer Spirit® seat with a 406 full back that provides ergonomic back support. Multi-step paint and finish processes ensure longevity of exposed cast iron components. A wide array of sizes and accessories are available, including custom molded colors, graphics and standard options and ADA accessible ends.