Architects Newspaper- Core Chair

In the September 2011 issue of Architects Newspaper, American Seating’s Core Chair was featured. There was a brief paragraph, included below, as well as an image of the Core chair.

Crowd Pleasers
h2. Seating Designed for Flexibility and Storage in Stadiums or Classrooms
By: Jennifer K. Gorsche

With an eye on durability, maintenance, and the pricing needs of both K-12 and higher educational institutions, the new Core line uses fewer components to cut down on replacements and repairs. Available in floor or riser mounts, six widths and two heights, in additional to a range of colors and upgrade options, the line exceeds LEED MR 4 requirements. Core backs are made with a patented RoTok process used to recycle milk and detergent containers into new material.

Originally posted in Architects Newspaper