The History of American Seating

We reflect on our rich history to show a track record of success, and to learn from our experience and continue to deliver the quality expected from every American Seating product or solution.

American Seating was originally founded as Grand Rapids School Furniture in 1886. Our first product we manufactured was a cast-iron and maplewood student desk and chair unit. This was the first in an ever-growing list of breakthroughs. The success of that initial product launch helped us expand over the years into other major markets, including Education, Entertainment, Sports, Transportation and Office.

Founded as Grand Rapids School Furniture, manufacturing combined student desk and chair units.

The name is changed to its present day – American Seating Company

Produced over 5 million chairs for the military during World War II

First all-purpose steel folding chair

Bodi-Rest – one of the first stackable chairs ever made

Vanguard Tablet Arm Chair – one of the first of its kind. Its design is still seen today.

The Acton Stack Chair is introduced

Us Family tables and chairs debut

We welcome the inspiring NIMA chair to the American Seating family

American Seating Celebrates 130 Years